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You are now at the source of thousands of names of pioneers and settlers, who found their way to the mining communities of southwestern Montana Territory. Some while it was still part of Washington Territory, and then Idaho Territory, eventually Montana Territory in 1864. The individuals and families presented here, will help to perpetuate the memories of all of those hearty souls who dared to challenge adversity and hardship, known to be certain when settling in the mining camps of the far west. History has taught us that it was in part, through their commitment and determination, that Montana Territory acheived Statehood in 1889. These are folks that produced one of the richest silver mining booms in Montana history.

While browsing the surnames, pay close attention to the [notes] linked to the individuals. They are not presented in a narrative format, but rather are a compilation of chronological events gathered by a great many interested researchers, over a very long time! You may find transcribed biographies, or perhaps obituaries published in newspapers of the area. This program is compatible to GEDCOM and upon finding a positive link to your family, it is possible to obtain a digital copy of your link by contacting us via the address shown below.

While visiting here, we encourage you to use the email address provided, to assist us in making any additions or corrections you may note. This is definitely a work in progress, and we welcome interested participation.

Note: remember when searching females on this site, search first on their maiden name, then try married name if known.

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