Glendale Headstone Photographs


[date unknown]
November 29, 1893
at Lion City, Montana

Ah Wing was one of the victims of what many reported was the worst natural disaster to have ever occured in the Territory and State of Montana up until that time, the terrible avalanche that claimed 9 lives. Ah Wing was a cook in one of the boarding houses, but was apparently in his bunk house when the slide occured. Ah Wing was quite a colorful character and more on his life can be found by searching through the newsprint articles on this web site.

No absolute documentation has been recovered as yet to prove that Ah Wing was definately buried in Glendale. It is supposed that because no mention was reported of his remains being shipped anywhere, that it is likely he was.
Ah Wing Headstone

A sentinel keeps watch and poses over an unmarked grave.

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