Glendale Headstone Photographs


January 8, 1891
at Hecla, Montana
October 13 1891
at Hecla, Montana
just 9mos & 5days
Since October 14, 1891 Joseph W. Leybold has laid at rest in this tiny little grave, identified by a marker with a great big error on it. The first born son of Peter and Lillie (Knuth) Leybold, is Joseph W. Leybold and not Seybold as inscribed by mistake on the stone. Apparently there was a mixup when etching the marker and was never corrected. There was a Seybold family living at Glendale for a number of years, and they too buried a son here, Alfred Ray Seybold in 1882. In 1886 they had moved on to the Lima, Montana region.
Joseph Leybold Headstone
The name on this marker should read LEYBOLD, not Seybold.

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