Glendale Headstone Photographs

Andrew LaMarche

in 1829
in France
August 25, 1899
at Glendale, Montana

Andrew LaMarche came to this country from France when still a young man. Worked for the Hudson's Bay Company across Canada and eventually into the Dakota Territory. He spent much of his early years as a trapper and continued the same after arriving in Montana Territory. Hunted, trapped and operated a fish trap on the Big Hole river and sold his catch around to the mining camps. LaMarche creek was named for him. His son Oleazem, more commonly known as "Freezy" was progenitor to James, Hazel and Margarite LaMarche, all well known in this area.
Andrew LaMarche Headstone

It is likely that Andrew was laid at rest in a grave near this one of his sons wife, and marked quite simply with a special stone.

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