Glendale Headstone Photographs

1873 - 1895
~and daughter~
1890 - 1890
just 7 months

Wife and daughter of Stephen Kambich who came to Glendale from Austria in the 1880's. They first met with a group of other immigrants who had begun settling in Idaho. Stephen was not to be a miner or smelterman however and later took up a farm on Birch Creek. They lost their daughter Anna in 1890 and laid her to rest in the Glendale cemetery. Five years later Stephens wife Anna was laid there also, beside her daughter. Sometime later, Stephen arranged for a permanent resting place for his "Annas'" in the Mountain View Cemetery in Dillon, Montana.
Anna Kambich Headstone

This is their gravestone at Mountain View cemetery in Dillon, Montana

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