Glendale Headstone Photographs


October 24, 1837
Blandinsville, Nodaway Co., Illinois
September 19, 1882
at Glendale, Montana

Cyrus Hardisty grew up on the Illinois, Missouri border in Nodaway County, Illinois. He was the eleventh of twelve children born to John and Elizabeth (Hungate) Hardisty. Infuenced by the excitement shared by family members of the "riches" being found in the west, John moved his family to Glendale. They arrived either late in 1880 or early in 1881. Work was found in the smelter, but proved to be too much for Cyrus. He died of consumption the next year. His family moved down into Idaho and took up farming there.
 Cyrus H. Hardisty Headstone
John V. Seybold, then superintendent of the concentrator at Glendale, was nephew of Cyrus Hardisty.

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