Glendale Headstone Photographs


December 20, 1854
May 8, 1883
at Glendale, Montana
22 yrs - 4 mos - 18 das

Dated May 8, 1883, on page 400, in Henry Knippenberg’s personal letter book, a letter addressed to the president of the board in Indianapolis, includes mention of an accident involving “foul play” on the tramway between the mines and the concentrator at Greenwood. Paraphrased here to wit: “Since last Thursday I have suffered enough in mind to kill many men. The afternoon trip of nine cars on Friday, just as it neared the concentrator found the switch half turned, and although beyond comprehension, one man’s leg was crushed just below the knee and he died Sunday night, we buried him this morning. That this is the work of a black villain, no one doubts, and upon my return here offered a reward of $1000 to catch the scoundrel.” This coincides with the dates noted on an earlier cemetery record to conclusively connect to the death of Thomas A. Coffran.
 Thomas A. Coffran Headstone
Laid at rest in one of these un-named graves in the tiny Glendale cemetery.

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